Desperate man scoops up spilt milk from the road while stray dogs lap it up as India's poorest struggle amid Covid-19 lockdown which will now be extended until May 3



A desperate man has been filmed scooping spilt milk from the road while stray dogs lap it up during India's lockdown which has exacerbated the country's poverty.


He was spotted on Monday morning in Agra, a city of 1.6 million in the north of the country, gathering the milk into his pot after a container truck overturned in the road.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that India's lockdown, the world's largest, keeping 1.3 billion indoors, is to be extended until at least May 3.


'From the economic angle, we have paid a big price,' Modi said. 'But the lives of the people of India are far more valuable. From the experiences of the last few days it is clear that the path we have chosen is correct.'


India's current three-week-old lockdown, in force since March 25, had been scheduled to end at midnight Tuesday.


The move comes despite complaints from millions of poor, a vast underclass who have been left almost completely without support as jobs have vanished and incomes dried up.


Modi said there would be 'limited relaxations' from April 20 for districts with no cases, and new guidelines for industry and agriculture would be released on Wednesday.


The announcement comes as debate rages around the world on how to lift restrictions so that the economic carnage of the pandemic can be eased without a new spike in infections.


Several states including Maharashtra - home to Mumbai and with the highest number of cases - Tamil Nadu and Odisha have already announced lockdown extensions.


The shutdown, with strict limits on activity, has been devastating for the economy - and in particular for India's poor.


Millions of daily wage labourers suddenly lost their jobs, forcing hundreds of thousands to travel hundreds of miles back to their home villages, often on foot.


Some died on the way, while others were shunned by locals when they made it back to their villages.



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PestPolice, England, United Kingdom

This happens even without Covid19 .



RVXIII, San Diego, United States

Interesting that there is no mention of the fact that Agra, where these pics were taken, is the home of the Taj Mahal.



Andy, Somewhere, United Kingdom

How's their space program going?



onstage2015, winston-salem, United States

OMG..how incredibly sad.



pegleg9876, Winter Park Fl, United States

Things could be a lot worse over here.



Grouse7, DURHAM, United Kingdom

Yet in BRITAIN recently, thousands of Tons of valuable BRITISH FARMERS MILK was thrown down a drain.



Sophie2019, Blackstump, Australia

And yet we have people returning to Australia complaining about their 4/5 star isolation hotels. They should apologise immediately.



Justaguy50, Sheffield, United Kingdom

India should be thoroughly ashamed of itself...



Android Human, Mars city, United States

The reality of the situation.



Halbert69, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Where are all the Indian billionaires? Why don't they ever help poorer people?



Deplorable , any town , United States

Just sad for people and dogs.


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